If I were to leave
To say goodbye
My words would
Wither and die
Fall into a dark
Electronic void
Where a billion
Other lives are lost
Words with meaning
Given a tombstone
And laid to rest
In an Internet
Burial ground



7 thoughts on “BURIED WORDS

  1. Dear Hastywords,
    Weirdly, I was only thinking about this today! How if I was to drop off the world at least I would have left some words behind (although, I must admit I now have more posts in Draft than I have published!) Your words have made me feel today on a day that feeling seems all there is to do, so I thank you.


  2. If our words have effect – hopefully positive – on one other person, then they are never lost. In our sharing of this world, yours, mine; others; all of those worlds that are ours to share. If only we could learn how to. Our words, the most descriptive form of our many faceted communication can express, convey and clarify even better than a hug. Far more objectively than any picture. A paragraph in and I have said precious little.
    Thank you for sharing your world. Thank you again, perhaps even more, for sharing in mine. Thank you for the words that may influence so much in our world that we may never know of.


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