I was always paranoid and afraid of every corner in my room

I could feel them watching me, waiting to take me

What if they came again tonight, their hungry faces angry

Fright often laced my eyes up tight as I tried hiding in the night


I can see them momma…out of the corners of my eyes

Who do you see baby…there is nobody here but me

The demons momma…they are afraid of you and your glow

Well baby no more worries, I will give you some of it tonight


Momma didn’t know all the things I knew about them

Momma didn’t realize they had been visiting other children

First it was the case of pneumonia Ted had down the street

Then the newborn found in her crib, then Jades tragic fall


It wasn’t just the children though so maybe that threw her off

Larry’s dad got electrocuted and then his son died of grief

Bethany’s aunt died of depression, but I don’t know about that

It’s a pattern, a straight line being drawn straight into eternity


I took momma’s light to bed with me, she tucked me in said nighty night

I never saw them and they made no sounds, before long sleep was found

The next morning I awoke to a quiet house, momma was nowhere around

Momma must have fallen asleep in the dark and given all her glow to me



20 thoughts on “MOMMA’S LIGHT

  1. It’s hard to say “Liked” without also saying, WOW! This was really beautiful and sad and hopeful and desperate. I remembered those nights when I lived in that house…a night and a house that I never really talk about….how the window seemed to scream, how the closet mumbled, how the bed built high seemed to store more than toys and a play room.

    Some nights, for children…are just plain scary.

    Good job, beautiful job.


  2. All I have to say is that this was a wonderful poem. It was dark, but had so much symbolism. It makes me think of all of the demons people face day to day and how we as adults have learned, hopefully how to face them. As a child you are so innocent and sensitive to those issues, you are oblivious and view the world in a different light.
    I remember when I was a child I would look at my closet door, cracked just enough for me to fear something was peering at me through the darkness, and would lash out at me once sleep took me. I remember falling asleep and having a dream that they did come out after me, and when I ran to my mothers room to get her, she had become one of them. I never understood that dream, but it was disturbing at that time and I think it fits a bit along with what I took from the poem. Great poem, I really enjoyed reading it.


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