I am so happy I found this blog and I really hope everyone decides to visit the magnificence behind this duet.


Written by G and HastyWords

I stand an ice sculpture

frozen under star light;

numbness welcomed

under the blanket of night.


I call upon the sun

to save me from this eve;

clinging to this emptiness

of little reprieve.


I sat for an eternity

as the world grew old;

before the glow of daybreak

came to melt away the cold.


The sun began to rise,

a comfort from the night

giving hope for tomorrow

and a reason to fight.


I felt my heart thaw

as it began to beat;

the will to survive

brought me back to my feet.


One step at a time,

a little closer than before;

with one final gaze

at the life I had before.



  1. I like the poem G & Hasty I can see the structure how ties together possibly metaphor would be sure that, for me to learn place into my own poems now is a different story. I ain’t giving up…


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