On the dusty road, the wind blows

The storm of air ruffles up my mind

As I travel back and forth in time

Trying to hold to all that which was once mine


Destiny a mysterious creature

Hides memories I should not revive

I let this world, its peace, ease my mind

And fill me full of passion and drive


Slowly the images make a form

The ripples on water show the past

United, with hands entwined in the other

Two souls look infused in one


I embrace the changes I have made

And look to nature for her support

I make peace with the reflection

And let the ripples wash away the pain


A single tear is shed

As it falls on the ripple

The painful image of yesterday breaks

And a beautiful today shines


The day has promised rain

I will feel the power emanate

Washing away every sin

I will rejoice in rebirth again


From dust we grow,

To dust we meet

Standing at the end

I spot the birth of a new start

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