Looking through blogs I found this idea on Le Faizan’s Blog

Write a two sentence horror story. 

Here is mine.  I would love to see what you guys come up with in my comment area. 


I felt as if she was stealing my soul with the most passionate kiss I had ever felt. When I opened my eyes I felt empty, her eyes were black, and she was no longer the woman I thought she was.


69 thoughts on “NO LONGER

  1. Laying in the rays of the summer sun the water below me turned black and seething.
    Tendrils burst forth dragging me down until the rays from the sun resembled more the glow from midnight moon before water took over my lungs.


  2. It was a bleary Monday and so difficult to scrape the car of snow and force myself to drive to work for the first time in three weeks. In the office, I grabbed a coffee and sat on my chair, turned on the computer, and saw with the most tremendous horror what my life had come to: my inbox was full.


  3. I saw her open her eyes, and the stream that left the mouth of one and enter the other. I felt ill as I saw the her face dessicate and crumble away, leaving the succubus glowing and ever stronger.


  4. Would this qualify as two sentences—

    Knock at the door, brought me an unknown loving surprise, a passionate gift that met my eyes. I tore apart the gift with a surprise, revealing my own tortured face staring back; the horror of it all was there are no eyes…


  5. He was rarely welcomed wherever he went, but he had no choice but collect the tax. He lay down his sickle and removed the pennies from her eyes before reaching into her chest and pulling out her soul.


  6. I know I could have done something, but I remained standing there watching all that happen. He kept telling me to beg for my husband’s life, but I was immobilized by an obscure pleasure in seeing him being tortured.


  7. Running in to my baby brother’s room, awoken by his screams from a recurring nightmare, I threw open his closet and told him to take a look that there’s no ghost inside. I turned around to tell him, and he was gone; instead I saw an utterly terrified version of myself on the bed, white in the face, unable to talk, and being choked to death by my own fingers.


  8. I awoke from my dreams of swimming to the sound of sirens and the memory of smoke and flames as I realized I was in an ambulance. As I looked around I realized that the fireman weeping next to me was holding my lifeless daughter in his arms.


  9. Reblogged this on Johnbalaya and commented:
    It’s all fun and games until someone writes a scary, two sentence story… that’s when it becomes a head-rolling good time! Leave your 2 sentence story in the comments of Hastywords’ blog … my story: I heard the door slam and shut behind me. Alone in the dark room, I am suddenly aware of the hissing, slithering sounds all around me.


  10. Tasting the iron rusty chains, her hands gouged my bloody mouth. Scratching for sound, fighting heart beats, finally closing my eyes — her shadow merged with the moon.


  11. I was sleeping but i felt some dark figure coming closer to me , Eventhough i tried to back away , i was lying in the same place. Finally my heart almost stopped when i felt something scratching my foot, as i kicked hard , i heard ‘meow ‘ sound and cat run away .


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  13. The gingerbread man danced and sang on the black and white TV as my grandmother entered the room. The news that my mother was in the hospital and that my father, with all good luck was apparently on his way to heaven, was shortly followed by his consumption by the hungry fox.


  14. You write a great story with so few words.
    Darkness took us, swallowed whole and spat us into this hell. He was the darkness, a cloak of seduction and I feel willingly into his trap.

    That was a challenge for me as I really wanted to expand on the story 🙂


  15. I felt his ragged and warm breath against my neck, it smelled of fresh blood and death, and I froze, all my hairs standing up from fear. I wanted to scream, I knew I should run, but I couldn’t.


  16. Silence crept into the room like a hoary void and filled it with an emptiness deeper and darker than the densest matter; we watched ourselves slowly sucked into its black hole, our soundless cries defenceless against an enemy determined to snuff out every articulation of the human soul. (Is this one or two sentences?)


  17. Her quaky sigh slipped past her eyes and into a coma of black death. For that one moment in her life, silence was broken, and she heard the words “forever will you be alone,” being whispered from the branches for tall silhouette trees..


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