Just a little re-blog for ya!!!!


His kiss warmed my lips

And his eyes my soul

He gifted me the moon

And asked me to wed

He saved my life

In more ways than one

So I gifted him the sun

Where he led I would go

Each morning awakes

With promises to keep

Each evening comes

With promises kept

And the hours pass by

Filled with passionate flirtations

A comforting commitment

Designing ideas and dreams

And the days pass by

With conversational walks

Talks of the future

Of starting a family

And the weeks pass by

Heartaches survived

Trusts broken and fixed

Fights born then buried

And the years pass by

Like a meandering stroll

Getting beautifully lost

Then reuniting time and again

And our lives pass by

Side by side, hand in hand

Blessed by the magic

Of a love that endured

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