Daily Prompt: Progress

Your support has brought me a confidence I never would have imagined!  It is your support that gives me the motivation for progress and I just hope and wish for more of the same in 2014.


I believed for some reason

Writing poetry was different

Reserved for geniuses, the gifted

Those who understood its secret

The coding of a rhyme, flowing

The words that spoke multiplicity

Those who understood life, metered

As a softly written measure, marking

Sonnets of rhyming couplets

And stanzas in 14 line bundles

Elegies, laments of sadness

Turning acid tears into words

Limericks with its silly 5 line schemes

Every single one of them alluding me

I believed for some reason

The feelings I wrote

Where worthless without pattern

And then I met you, a community

Bloggers who felt, dare I say

A lot like me, identifying with me

So I must say thank you for you

For the support and the love

For the how do you do’s

Thank you for making me feel

Like somehow my words


That I don’t have to rhyme or be a literary  genius

For my words to make a small difference somehow

10 thoughts on “BECAUSE OF YOU

  1. Awww, how sweet. Last year at this time, I was at the lowest of low. I could not have gotten any lower. If I had i would not be here typing you. For some reason, I felt the need to log on my blog – a blog I had not posted on in almost a year. It was weird, like I was beckoned. I remember the exact moment as I laid in bed, crying not wanting to see the light of day. I remember reading posts – like yours and others of people who were going through much of what i was feeling and at that moment I felt a slight tinge of safety. The WP community has become a family for me – because of people like you – people who understand, do not judge, are ‘there’. Thank you. xxx


  2. Poetry doesnt have to be in a strict rhyme form that a literare teacher has told us is Real Poetry. Like any art form, if it comes from the heart and contains the soul of the artist, that is enough.
    Your poetry does both of these things Hasty, that’s why you have so many followers!
    Love you xx


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  5. Your words make a BIG difference friend. Know that…..Always. I am so thankful that WordPress brought us together. You have taught me much, and I have grown as a writer and a person as a result of the friends I have made here.


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