TwinDaddy always seems to know when I am going through Stuph.  Even though I know he is always there for me I don’t and probably never will reach out for help with anything I am trying to sort out.  It just isn’t me but he doesn’t let “I’m fine” stop him from being an amazing friend and eventually making me laugh.  I appreciate his friendship and the many other close friends I have come to love.  Thank you TwinDaddy for this last dance.
Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords
Harsh whispers gathered
Upon thin sheets of ice
Tiptoeing lines cracked
Ripping into torn pages
Dots creating a maze to be
Deciphered by deaf ears

Dark clouds whirl
Around my fragile heart
Damning secrets erode
Erase my sanity
Dying from the inside out
I seek an escape route

Screams pierce the stains
Left by razors of the past
Scars leading to dead ends
Leading to sharp wounds
Stitched up with copper wire
Waiting to electrocute me

All colors conspicuously vanish
Everything a different shade of gray
Clouds of agony angrily roil
Destructing my sculpted reality
My mind a war-torn wasteland
My heart bears those scars

And from a lettered sky filled with words
Silence parachutes me to the depths of hell
Love screams through the darkened abyss
But the growls of monsters swallow them
And I am left an empty vessel, an heirloom
Forgotten and left to dance with my devils

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