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Your hand reached into the mud

And although I was ready to stay

To sink into the dark cold it gave

I reached back and let you save me

You cleaned off all the grimy muck

Removed all the rust from my face

And after some time my heart beat

And my lungs began to work again

At first it hurt me to watch you try

I was used up and you didn’t care

I was disregarded, thrown away

But you made me feel brand new

You were my inventor, my teacher

And together we created lives

One by one by one they were born

My life had more meaning

Than I had ever dared to dream

My beautiful children grew

And became their own creators

And then the rains came again

To reclaim the soul that escaped

Turning solid ground into a gritty mire

You decided you were grateful

That you loved me but you were bored

Your hands began to tarnish me

Your eyes began to ignore me

Your voice became indifferent

Your body became a ghost

Disappearing into a crowd

Full of new inventions, new intentions

All my, I love you’s, began to echo

Upon empty bedroom walls

And although I cried heavy angry tears

My pillow absorbed them all

I knew this time I would save myself

As my decorated walls reminded me

What a glorious life I’ve lived


What beauty can come from mud



16 thoughts on “A LIFE BORN FROM MUD

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  12. Mud, so many ways it exists, and the stories it hold, and releases, the difficult, the rough & tumble, the journey, the sublime, and the fun, is that too many moments to remember. Always remember the laughter after each heart felt escape, the friends, and the tales. So much streaming in thought, where true north bends light beneath the solar winds to a sun’s time.


  13. Hasty, you are blogging up a storm today with your (and in one case Lizzi’s collaboration) poetry. Although I can’t say I ever exactly felt someone pulled me from the mud, that relationship trajectory is familiar. You are GOOD!


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