On April 1st Angelle and Aussa got together and answered the first #askmestuff questions via vlog.  You can watch their vlog by clicking on either one of their names, or click here for their most current vlog. Besides being crazy beautiful and adorably silly they are amazing bloggers so check them out.

I decided to do mine in increments because I haven’t had much time to sit down to record or even write lately.  The videos are all over the place, sorry. They are all short and not sweet, cute, or adorable like our friends Rara or Angelle and Aussa’s have been.  I wrote the questions before each video so you can skip, choose, pick etc.  So for your viewing pleasure I introduce to you my unPhotoshopped self.  Be afraid…..



16 thoughts on “#ASKMESTUFF ANSWERED

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  2. Hasty, you’re so beautiful! And you have a wonderful voice – you sound just like I imagined – lovely, sultry, and wise. I loved watching these, especially the one where your daughter read the poem you wrote for her.
    xo, Sister wife!


  3. Ah, never mind, I found it in the email notification, the links are all there. So a celebrity, huh. lol you flatter me. I’m really looking forward to your visit. And thanks so much for that ego boosting response to my question!


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