Happiness is a fleeting thing, Sally, but I think that a man can come closer to it by directing the forces of his life to a single goal that he believes in. And I think that a man’s personal search for happiness is not really a selfish thing, either, because by achieving happiness himself, he can help others to find it. Does that make sense to you? – Linus, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown


It was always

just the two of us

thick as thieves we were.

I was short, pudgy, soft;

he was tall and gangly thin,

with a Linus like disposition.

He was always laughing.


at nothing at all but

laughing; nonetheless.

People stopped asking

“Why do you laugh?”,

because he would

just laugh some more.

It was always a production,

his mouth would crease,

eyes would light up,

and his cackle would start

slow at first and choppy

like a lawnmower starting;

then he would whir

to full power until

the world laughed with him.

It was contagious,

it was beautiful


it was funny.

It was funny every time.

Nobody ever shushed him

and the day he died

the world stopped

to listen for him on the wind

and when nothing came

we all cried.


I laughed.

I laughed quiet at first and

I could hear a bird reply.

I laughed louder because

in my laughter I could hear his.

I remembered

how his laugh made me feel.

I laughed as everyone watched

in shock as I landed on my back

looking up at heaven.

I knew he would be proud.

One by one the people gathered

began to laugh through tears;

his friends, his teachers,

his neighbors, his parents

all laughed until their tears

were no longer from sadness

but from the joy this boy

my friend, my first love

had shared with them.






16 thoughts on “HIS LAUGHTER

  1. this reminds me of my precious friend Bill, who died. I can still hear his laugh and his voice and his voice talking to me – sometimes it is as if he is still here – bugging the sh*it out of me:)


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