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Narada Collection Series : A Childhood Remembered : A Musical Tribute To The Wonder Of Childhood

Unfortunately I can’t get this to play with the Explorer browser so you can listen on youtube:  Just search Kostia The Cello’s Song  …  It is beautiful.

Only one song comes to mind when I need to relax.  I play this over and over again on repeat on those nights my brain will not shut off.  The moment the cello’s start playing I am taken to a place of my own creation, a place I feel safe, a place I can breakdown and cry.  There is something magical about music but this song has nothing but peace attached to it…no memories…no expectations…just calm.

Today I ended a two day writing conference.  DFWcon has writers from all over the country come to learn how to improve their craft but it also offers authors a chance to network with other writers and agents in the industry.  To be honest I didn’t go to get an agent, to pitch, or try to get a book deal BUT… I found myself getting caught up in the emotion just the same.  My naked passion reared it’s vulnerable head and emptied itself in the tears I shed.

TODAY I needed this song.  TONIGHT I will let these cello’s calm me.


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