Breaking Night By HastyWords

Breaking Night By HastyWords

My identity floats among stars

With lights that are never seen

I am wholly me and yet lost

Inside a sea of burnt out dreams

Where sound waves penetrate

Exploding like tongues liquored

And drunk on galactic debris

Where ecstasies echo endlessly

Within its silent void

And yet meaning is completely

Understood and swallowed

By a constructed universal code

Leaving me swimming

And drowning, perpetually


Who am I to be?

Whispers a universe full

Of wannabe somebodies

Just be!

Answers the cosmos

That feeds us our destiny



14 thoughts on “COSMIC ANSWERS

  1. i not sure if i have ever read write something in this style, boy i really like this poem it talks to me, however it talking about you.

    wow poetry again, no music!


  2. Take those dreams, O Sunset
    Make them thine
    For in amongst the starry skies
    Thou light dost surely shine
    Not lost, and ne’er overlooked
    Nor fallen on any wayside
    Hold up thy mirror, take a gentle look
    Sha’lt tha see what we do?
    Tha’art too close by far
    And see’st only hues and dust
    Yet when we look, with distance
    From thy bright and gorgeous glow
    I tell the truth, O Sunset
    A star thou art, also.

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