This is barely a poem, barely truth and barely fiction.  Sometimes things happen, they just do… they just do.

again copy

The night sky held speckled stars
A frigid breeze danced a quiet jig
Her breath kept punctuating the air
Stabbing it with a gin and tonic flare
Her slurred words coated in defiance
He begged her to calm down, please
But with a hmmph she turned to run
And as he quickly grabbed her hand
She lost her balance, she was done
Her head landed with an angry hit
Upon a frost covered drive; cement
Kneeling next to his new bride’s side
He noticed her breath had fallen silent
Black holes dotted each side of her nose
Voids left where calm seas used to sit
Answer me… baby… answer me
Their wedding vows had turned to shit
It wasn’t supposed to be like this
Just a bit of liquor to loosen her up
He dragged her back to quaintville
Loaded her clumsily into the car
And after having had his way
At least once… give a guy a break
He quite efficiently cursed the stars
And drove her to the midnight shift
Just a pit stop before given a grave


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