“The Journal of Sage Doyle” De-spidahfying for Hasty and Mass Orientation



I didn’t think it was possible but I instantly got more excited. I promise, Sage, I am not a seven foot tall tattooed man but I cannot promise you will not be disappointed with the image that walks off the plan. I look like a typical, cooks too much good food for her family, doting kind of mom. I think we all get nervous meeting someone we connect with online. I will try though to brush my teeth and my hair everyday you have to be seen with me and if you are lucky I will wear deodorant too 🙂 OH… and I am an accountant but don’t rely on me for my math skills cause I don’t have any 🙂



"The Journal of Wall Grimm"

June 20, 2014

All right well Hasty posted her take on her upcoming visit up here in Boston, and so now it’s my turn to document mine.  It feels very strange for me to befriend someone online to the extent that I would invite the person to come and stay in my home.  Every time I ever heard of such a situation I thought, “those people are nuts”.  I guess I’m nuts.  I tend to have good instincts though.  Besides, I’m picking her up at the airport, so if while I’m waiting for the image on the blog to get off the plane, instead a 7 foot tall guy with tattoos featuring tales of dismemberment approaches as if to confess he’s the real Hasty, I’ll have to leave the airport without her.  Or him, if that was the case.  Obviously, the situation must be much more frightening for Hasty, since…

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One thought on ““The Journal of Sage Doyle” De-spidahfying for Hasty and Mass Orientation

  1. I don’t think you will disappoint me in any way. And sometimes I also forget to wear deodorant until later in the day when I get a whiff of myself. But it’s a clean sweat anyhow, so not too bad lol.


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