A Bit of New England and Photographing Body Parts


Having met Sage Doyle in person there are a few things I knew before meeting him that held true after meeting him. He definitely has a whole lot going on behind those big brown eyes of his. I really do think it would be easy to get lost inside his thoughts. He is silly, and easy to laugh with. But there is one thing he does better than most. He makes everyone around him feel perfect, like every person is a lovely living piece of art. That is saying a ton coming from me because I usually get very uncomfortable around compliments but he is the most genuine person I have ever met.  He compliments and draws out the best in people. I can also see that he is fiercely protective of those he loves and he has no patience for mean people. It is so refreshing to meet someone who, in person, is even better than the online presence you came to love. Thank you SAGE FAMILY for everything and we hope to visit again soon!

"The Journal of Wall Grimm"



Day three I woke up late with HastyKid laying on my arm drooling and snoring. We slept so well and so hard every night and this day we got to sleep in and HastyKid needed it. Sage was full throttle when we finally made it downstairs. He makes really yummy banana pancakes and we all laughed at his silliness when he made little tiny pancakes, touting them as a European portion.

mini pancakes by hasty

Before I forget Sage and Sage Jr also made us a batch of Lavender Lemonade that was both extremely delicious and very colorful. And the morning before the beach we had scones and eggs he cooked just for us. HastyKid is kind of an egg freak. Sage made the scones blueberry which is my favorite kind of berry… so yea it was yummolishess.

Wifey Sage had some business to take care of so she stayed home while Sage…

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