A HASTY AFFAIR – Say What You Need To Say

Sandy Ramsey of Mother of Imperfection asked me to say what you need to say.  I had no idea what to say.  I have had months to think about it and one night I realized what I needed to say.  Writing this was difficult and publishing it is even harder.  I hope it helps someone, or makes a difference somehow.


I mean it was a safe relationship, just two friends both very committed to someone else. Safe, right?

Think again.

The reality is this:  the safer you feel, the lower your guard and the next thing you know you are smack dab in the middle of heartbreak hotel with nobody left to pay the bill but you.~HastyWords



I felt lost for awhile

In your stories

The words you wrote

Then I wrote some

And then we wrote some

And then the world

Began writing around us

I got sidetracked

Dreaming of things

Thinking of lives

Pondering events

But reality stands waiting

Impatiently sometimes

For me to wake up

I was gone a long time

Believing in things

That weren’t real

Counting on things

That disappeared

Falling in love with things

Of my imagination

It’s my made up world

A place I land when I am behind

The place I find love

When the reals smiles frown

The place I can breath

When the world drowns me

If you can’t find me

Come look in my land of make believe


26 thoughts on “A HASTY AFFAIR – Say What You Need To Say

  1. Most people have feelings for someone other than a spouse and they’re usually kept quiet and only lead to distrust and shame. I’m glad you and I are so open with each other (and you with the world) about these types of feelings.

    Very well written and expressed, btw.


    • I commented on the other site but I might as well here to.

      Thank you for coming to comment…I know it isn’t easy being married to someone who finds comfort in writing publicly. Thank you!

      I love u.


  2. Listen, Kid… like just works that way. You open yourself up to hurt because if you don’t, you might as well just give up. If you go out of your house, you could get hit by a bus, or get a disease, or trip and break your leg. Are you going to stay in your house forever? You don’t stop eating when you get food poisoning. You don’t stop breathing when you smell a fart. Love is like air and food… you need it… even if it sometimes makes you sick or just plain stinks….


  3. i often finding myself entering the land, trouble that i find is letting myself out. The hardest thing to do for this boy meets, man, in my always waking dreams.


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