Elizabeth by HastyWords

Elizabeth by HastyWords

Darkness crept inside
Do I look the same?
I feel different
Every thought
Hurts me now

Darkness crept inside
Can’t you hear me scream?
Everyone’s oblivious
Words on repeat
Devouring my sanity

Darkness crept inside
Please don’t leave me?
Everyone looks on
Smokescreen art
Deceiving me

Darkness crept inside
Who are you?
Creatures of midnight
Eyes imitating light
Comforting my weakness

Darkness crept inside
What do you want?
Your tears they whisper
As they gather ’round
And all the stories they tell

Darkness crept inside
Please come look for me?
I have no way left to fight
None of this feels real
My fear is my reality

Darkness crept inside

And I am forgotten


19 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN

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  2. I have never had a talent for poetry. Your words are so moving and beautiful. You have found a way to describe a pain I have felt in a way that I am not able. I’m sorry you have to be in this place right now, but I have faith light will find a way to outshine the darkness soon.


  3. You’re strong and obviously have such a fascinating mind. Whatever it is you’re going through, just remember that it will pass. Love yourself and think of every failure as one more step towards success. Now, I’m not just trying to encourage you. I truly believe everything I have said and I really hope you start to believe and live it too. It’s people like you who make me feel like I don’t have nearly enough talent and that’s great because it makes me drive myself harder. Have a great week ahead. Beautiful thing you have going on here by the way..
    Oh would you stop by my blog? Your opinion would be beyond appreciated


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