I never lied. 

You knew everything

My mess confessed


Your hand reached

My hand reached

Comfort, Peace, Beauty


Everything was complete

Your hello was my sun

Your goodnight… my moon


I slipped and said things

I asked too much, I know

I made your make believe my reality


You got scared and let go

I mourned the absence of you

Of a friendship I needed


When I became your regret

I wanted to die

I wanted to give up


I remained somehow

Determined to overcome

To live without you


I did

Although I am not the same

I will never be as happy again


I miss you

I miss me

I miss us




30 thoughts on “YOUR HELLO WAS MY SUN

  1. I’ve missed your work. I fell behind and it is a nightmare getting caught up. I was consumed by my illness today and I find it to be great therapy losing myself in your Blog for a better part of the evening. First and foremost you are absolutely beautiful. Second, when I grow up I want to write just like you!!!!


  2. There are certain people who have the inexplicable, uncanny ability to help us through the ever present, unending difficult times we must face in everyday life. Simply by way of inspiration. To be inspired I’d say is the most effective way to overcome most anything in life. At times pushing us far enough to make our seemingly impossible dreams become reality. A driving force to help us face, battle and conquer our own demons. It can bring clarity to our heart and mind allowing us to see where our next step should be putting us on the right path once again. Sometimes it will motivate us to be a better person to strive for excellence. It can even put a soothing smile on our face flooding our soul with a bolt of joy. You, my most favorite of all bloggers inspire me to new heights. The creativity of your mind and thought provoking words so obviously and deeply influenced by your dedication and compassion for people and life. The depth and beauty of your poetry never ceases to amaze me. And I’m sure hundreds if not thousands of other admirers feel as I do. Thanks so much for what you do and for being exactly who you are. Keep on keeping on and doing what you’re doing. You are priceless to me and my blogisphere rockstar! 🌟

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