Right now my mind is running a marathon.  It is thirsty for answers in a world where answers like to hide. Only those brave enough to search the shadows are victorious.  I am neither brave or fit enough for another battle so soon.  I must rest but in doing so the enemy will be unleashed to do its damage unhindered.


I want to act out

To scream

To tell the world

How unfair it is

But the wind

Just blows all

Of my words away

I want to feel

The razor sharp edge

Of the end of the earth

As I leap into the universe

But the earth

It just rolls away

I want to cry

And have the shoulders

Of the globe shake

Big gigantic sobs with me

But the rivers

They just carry my tears away

So I sit and watch

As everything continues on

The birth of life

And the breath of death

And so on… and so on

Day in… day out

Until the sun

Sets everything on fire

And ash is all that is left

To be carried away

And absorbed into

The suffocating dark of it all


25 thoughts on “LOVE SUCKS

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  8. Cheap-carat gold
    Wound tight
    The hand I took
    And gave to you
    With guileless look
    And no clue
    Walked the
    Longest walk
    Of will, and “I will”
    And nailed it
    To the doorpost
    Of your wooden heart
    Now turned to
    Offshoots and charcoal
    Will we live or burn?
    What do we need?
    What can we do?
    And still
    I bleed.


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