I found the devil
Swimming inside
The ocean’s tide
Reaching for me
Wrapping himself
Like soft seaweed
Around my body
Ensnaring me inside
His rhythmic dance
Enticing me to stay
He convinced me
I was a mermaid
A dangerous breed
Only he understood
His voice crashed
Inside growing waves
A full symphony
Pleading for me
To stay with him
And for a moment
I wanted to

Before succumbing
To his lullaby
My eyes caught
The sandy shore
And I saw her
Two sizes smaller
Building sandcastles
Out of rocky sand
Watching her mother
Float aimlessly
Out to sea, drifting
Much too far
Into a hopeless
I opened my mouth
To scream for help
But the devil rushed in
And the taste of brine
Filled my mouth
And overflowed my lungs
I swallowed the ocean
I swallowed darkness
The devil swallowed me


25 thoughts on “DEVIL’S TIDE

  1. When a tale comes to mind while reading, it just runs to the tunes of its own gusts – When a mid west southern wind calls your name, the scents of oceans catch a free ride, to shed light upon the landlocked, that the world beyond waits to dance with the fire in your soul, our across the cobalt blue floors, under an unwritten tropical sun’s deluge, where summer sings, it’s never winter here, not at all, not one bit.


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