There was a button

Just ready to push

Did you know the risk?

Explosives set and ready

Detonation counting down

There is no turning back now

Fist meets flesh and bone

There is NO I’m sorry

Abuse is abuse


An extended haiku


7 thoughts on “THE PUNCHLINE

  1. Strong and meaningful Hasty. It has been a while since I have commented on your work. You continue to amaze and I have not stopped reading. Busy with my side of keeping things upright here. Love the new look here too. Perhaps one of these days you and I will find time to settle into writing another piece together. I would enjoy reuniting our words and creative energy once again.

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  2. That’s amazing, isn’t it. Once my girlfriend honeytrapped me via someone else’s chat on Google. When she got me arrested because she’d enticed me to go to see her, I called the internet police to track their IP addresses with Google; but then just dropped it. Abuse eh?


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