I heard Aphrodite
Singing in the wind
Sparking dreams
In passers by
Notes sung
One by one
Each joined
Heart to heart
In unison
Desires, passions
Lustful pleas
Aching pleasures
Building in thee
Broken morality
Divorced from logic
Each man fed
On tempting
Sexual fantasy
Each woman ate
The forbidden
Fruit of ecstasy
And when the singing stopped
The wind stood still
A regretful silence
Rang through the air

ย Originally posted 10/29/12


35 thoughts on “A REGRETFUL SILENCE

    • Yes, it is! I was having difficulty naming the emotion that was evoked – and guilt was on my mind, but was not correct. Regret it is. It is heavy as it reminds me of someone I love who is hurting and someone who hurt him who is likely not feeling the weight of this regret. Well – I am, my friend. I am regretting this happened to you.

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      • Fortunately this hasn’t happened to me BUT I see it so much. Of course I do regret certain things but I imagine regret dealing with love or the pursuit of what you think might be love but is in fact not, is a great hurt.

        Thank you so much for reading.


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  5. Nice style. Also I’m shallow as fuck and I’m gonna say you are hot. Also my poems are the shit people are just too idiotic to understand em. I plan on making a completely incomprehensible one just to frustrate them. I was at a ward and some college student had this huge ass dictionary trying to decipher a poem I wrote in there. Funny cuz I’m a high school dropout and mostly just get the words from mind. Fine tuning with a thesaurus/dictionary after it’s done. But I like the style. I don’t like most new poems btw. I prefer poe and old shit, and most of mine like “requiem” are ancient in their style. i prefer trippiness over stories.


  6. Wow, is this ever poignant. The end is so powerful.
    “And when the singing stopped
    The wind stood still
    A regretful silence
    Rang through the air”
    –Makes me think that there really is something to moral living and thinking things through. Not just flying with the emotion.

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