Dark and alone, my eyes shut
Ignoring the world around me
The silence beckons my demon
From his sheltered basement
His favorite time to harass me

Behold the blood of my soul
Warm enough for him to bathe
My tears of pain are his waterfall
Sweet liquid of guilt and shame
Quench his thirsty silver tongue

Chained and claimed by him
Whipped and tamed by him
I’ve learned my submissive place
My pain is in a symphonic place
No longer begging to break free

So many chunks taken from me
No longer capable of wanting
That freedom long ago promised
No longer capable of loving
For my hell is where I am calmest


17 thoughts on “BECKONING SILENCE

  1. This was intense. Made me feel a lot :0 Like I just finished writing a new poem for my blog, but you guys just put me to shame ! I mean , I can never write so beautifully and deeply about life and other things ! Hats off to you people.


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