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My dreams are blurry
Phantom faces are dancing
With Jack-O-Lantern smiles
Zig – Zagging lines of worry
Where angry mouths
Scream like spaghetti O’s

Eyes the color of fury
Cry ruby red rivulets
Down scar cracked cheeks
Bloody lumps of slushy slurry
Into open palms, communion
Collected for all my sins

“Please be seated” said the jury
“Why did you” they murmur
“How could you” they plead
I cling to the Virgin Mary
Falling to my bruised knees
Deaf to the cacophony, I cry

Please know that I am sorry
Buried inside my own anguish
Fighting all my imaginary pain
Desperate for someone else to blame
But in the end there was only one truth
  I had committed Hara Kiri


7 thoughts on “SEPPUKU

  1. Your words are so evocative. The words you chose, and the way you put together your phrases – I have chills! (spooky ones). I can’t wait to see what else you conjure up for 31 days of horror!

    Liked by 1 person

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