Super psychotic, pathetic, flipped- out, insane

Roadblocks of loathing and contempt blinding me like rain

Trapped inside my head without a systematic thought to skewer

Ideas like pills in a bottle waiting to be flushed down the sewer

Don’t tell me to smile when my mind is all clouded, wrapped up, and shrouded

Because the smile will slither, slide, and squirm; authenticity doubted

I’m probably lying to myself, always denying, slow fade to dying

Desperately looking at faces with sugar coated, honey dew smiles but underlying

Is a fate lying in wait to consume the hate and jealousy I constantly conceive

Then my mouth opens up words come spilling out and then it’s me who begins to deceive.

Nah you know what it’s ok…

Gonna be ok…

Will be perfectly ok…

Superb even

Don’t worry about me…

Sure I am fine

Always have been always will be

Loony as they come…

High on crazy


Show me the booze and lets get

Drunk… Drunk… Drunk

Bottoms f***ing up

Drunk… Drunk… Drunk.

But when I sit here with you in the quiet my broken pieces begin to mend

The shadows begin to fade and I can feel myself start to transcend

The pain stops screaming and the sadness retreats in surrender

Hold my hand and just sit quietly with me for awhile, my friend, my defender

Let my heart slumber in peace as it begins to feel

And I rest inside a love that is beautifully real

~Hastywords  April 2012


35 thoughts on “CHAOTIC CYCLES

  1. Hello: thank you for using the time of writing up this information. I continuously make an attempt to further more my understanding of things. No matter whether I agree or disagree, I love knowledge. I just remember the previous times once the only source of specifics was the library or even the newspaper. They both seem so archaic. Please Pardon my bad grammar : )


  2. You are much better than this now… much more at peace, I think.

    Though this chaos rages
    You watch it through windows
    Safe in houses and arms
    Safe in words and thoughts
    Though you think one rages inside
    It is but a snapshot
    Stuck to the pane
    Stuck to the pain
    It can be washed away


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