31 Days of Horror

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 Please visit The Reverie Journal and write something inspired by the Music Prompt BONES.  This poem was inspired by the prompt although I can not participate in the contest.


 Her face seemed different
It was a chalkier white
Perhaps a bit more sunken
Her eyes were darker
And her smile had shrunken

He missed her laugh
The connection they had
It had been a strain
To resist the urge
  An itch to see her again

They used to sit together
Soaking up moon beams
Him playing acoustic guitar
While her fingertips
Connected every star

Maybe it was strange
This ritual he kept
Of denying her death
Of trying to revive her
With his very breath


24 thoughts on “THE RITUAL

  1. I loved this, btw, and agree. That last stanza is perfection.

    Re: 31 days of horror, I’m posting a short story… a dedication to our missing horririst friend, does that qualify for a link up?


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