Her mouth a tempting blood stained red

Began to lure me spellbound into her bed

Her eyes like candlelight call me forward

Into sheets so black they looked like night

Her body a soft and stellar galaxy white


Her red lipstick drove me mad

Pouting at me all hurt and sad

I leaned down to kiss her ruby frown

And her full lips tasted like iron rust

A mix of torture and passionate lust


I remember my body felt rigid as anticipation grew

Energy felt alive and unfamiliar, something new

It began crawling beneath my skin, static electricity

It took over every organ rendering me carelessly prone

To an intensity that overwhelmed me, pulling me home


I awoke from the deepest and most traumatic of slumbers

Feeling lost and confused with the worst kind of hunger

Memories left to steal every ounce of desire I will ever know

The angel who had been buried in my sheets had flown away

Leaving me entranced by a silence that had nothing to say


20 thoughts on “WORST KIND OF HUNGER

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