Burdens sit heavily, weighted acuities
Painting wild tales of blacker feuds
Feathers soiled can no longer fly
Falling like scales from dragon moods

Regrets grow from dirty oily pores
Spreading emotional diseases
As if the world could use more
And every soul does as it pleases

My human heart can’t take any more
Reptilian gods scratch and sniff
The offering I cut out for them
Their noses crinkling with every whiff

So my heart plummets into dark
Where it can beat freely disconnected
Waiting for the earth to dissolve
Its defeated cry of rejection; dejected


9 thoughts on “DISCONNECTED

  1. Yet somewhere in the dark
    With weighted sighs
    And stormclouds trapped
    Untapped behind my eyes
    Uneven ground shifts round
    Beneath my feet
    I cannot stand; am fallowed
    And torn, adrift
    With life asunder
    No longer apt to care
    If roiling thunder
    Should bend and break
    My every weft and warp
    No worth herein
    And so my final thought
    Is one desire, to go
    And just concede
    Defeat to this life, yet
    Somehow a seed
    A tiny germ of hope
    Which yet exists
    You planted it
    And told me not to miss
    The way it grows when
    Sheltered in your arms
    For nestled safely there
    Destruction lost its charms;
    Admitted its defeat
    Despite the dark.
    Unconquerable: the light
    Within your heart.

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