The following poem was written using this weeks  THE REVERIE JOURNAL WORDLE PROMPT


I am not who I look to be
Pluck out my deceiving eyes
And then maybe you will see
The multitude of sins beneath

Darkness that devours all hope
Crawls on broken bloody limbs
My soul has no way to cope
With the anger that dwells within

Fickle fears infect my marrow
An ancient world of horrors
Blinding me from tomorrow
Lurking just beneath paper skin

Truths being misinterpreted
Are becoming ritual praise
I cry holistic tear drops
Attempting to halt my malaise

Like a sparrow without a womb
Death actively sets its trap
I drink its nectar in my tomb
Not one part of me will survive


16 thoughts on “DEATH TRAP

  1. I often have felt that I am deceiving people by putting on a “normal” mask when I am anything but normal. The recurring depressive episodes, the cycling thoughts from my OCD. I’ve learned coping techniques to short-circuit them so they don’t sideline me completely, but they are still always there in the background, reminding me that I am not and never will be anything but an outsider.
    I created this piece for The Reverie prompt. I’m glad I learned about your blog!

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  2. Team Netherworld got rather turned off by WordPress when they started messing with that damn new post editor. We keep our WordPress accounts because some WordPress blogs are impossible to comment on without one, but our WordPress blogs at this point are going to rot.

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