31 Days of Horror

Please write or draw something scary (poem, flash fiction, art) and link up in the comments below to be featured on Sundays Post!


He stood next to her

Holding her hand

She was shaking

He could feel her

Speedy pulses

Quake in her palm

Sweat dripped

From her brow

Nearer the edge

Their feet traveled

Her feet slower

More hesitant

She didn’t understand

But he would help her

She needed to know

How he truly felt

If he couldn’t have her

Then nobody could

He wanted to fly

Just once

With the woman

That he loved

He would, of course

Remove the tape

From her lips

He would kiss her

Just once

Before they leaped

And he just knew

They would both

Die happy



19 thoughts on “DIE HAPPY

    • I am not sure if she is or not. In my mind she trusts him but is obviously worried about being brought to the edge of a cliff. I don’t think she knows exactly what her childhood friend has in mind.

      I have had the idea of trust (and how scary it is) in my head.


  1. It was in the bath tub it would happen. She would invite him in, with scented roses and bubble bath. The film of gasoline floating just below. He would say yes to her and dry off and they will make love. He would say no to her and she would light the match and hold him while they burn.
    He strips and sinks into the water.
    She brings the matches close to her-to light the candle
    Will you marry me?

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  2. stalker much? very nicely written. Reminds me of that song by “him” “join me in death” but won’t paste it here…. Rumour has it several girls committed suicide after listening to that song….

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