Learning to set the people free that want to leave is hard… it takes time for people like me.


9 thoughts on “THE STRENGTH OF LOVE

  1. Today this reads like abandonment or rejection/ The kind of love which decided that for its own protection/ It needed to let go or slowly turn insane/ And as I read my blood turns to ice inside my veins:/ It’s the kind of love with a frost-cracked cool veneer/ The kind of love which would step back and and let me stumble from here/ Still reeling – fuck! My chest is tight and I’m barely breathing/ This outpouring of ‘gone’ has filled my soul/ I know that every other tomorrow would be never whole/ Although I admit this could be just projection/ And a result of too much need for affection/ But I’ll never strive to keep who wants to let me go/ No slow-burn resentment required – just let me know/ As I wait with knots of anxiety biting and uncontrolled/ I’m preparing my mind for the shadows and dark and the ever-cold.

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