I would like to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who helped me over the last few months.

Compassion and bullying are such important topics and I hope it continues to be in the forefront of all our minds. I truly am honored I was allowed to share your voices here.  I still have a few guests who will post once the pieces are finished and  submitted.

Each post was printed out and put into a binder to be used in an ongoing discussion with my daughter.  At some point I may want permission to gather the posts in an anthology where we can share some of our discussions, including how the posts helped us; maybe in a workbook format.  If you did a post for me shoot me an email if you would be interested in being included

I have been sitting here thinking about this blog and how I have broken so many of the blogging rules. I don’t have a concise theme; it isn’t strictly poetry, or reviews, or educational.  I am grammatically horrendous and too often have no idea where the comma is really supposed to go.  I have yet to master the art of proofing and I am not the sharpest, funniest, or most clever blogger in this neck of the woods.  And yet… you are still here with me.


Several years ago, I began this blog simply to purge.  I was too embarrassed to share things I wrote with friends in my day to day life and even more terrified they would see too deeply into my thoughts.  The few times I did share my poetry I was laughed at and told my poetry was goofy or there was complete indifference. Indifference was worse.  I stopped writing.

I stopped writing until I started this blog.

In the beginning I wrote small posts I didn’t call poetry because to me they were just thoughts.  I believed poets were people I had learned about in school, geniuses with metaphors, rhymes, or rhythm.  Poets were master weavers of words.  Except I was wrong.  I learned we are ALL poets.  All of us.  And my blog changed.

I wanted to share the joy of poetry with everyone so I created the poetic duets.  So many people who had never written a poem before went on to have huge poetry blogs themselves after we wrote some duets together.  I have so many fond memories of most of my duet partners.  I met so many extremely talented people and I wanted to share them here.

The category BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE COOL was born. It is the place I share my friends, who they are and what they are doing.  I started really feeling the community aspect of blogging and my friendships grew deeper.  Now I have a place right here I will always be able to look back on and remember these cool people. And then I noticed people where really reading, and engaging here and I slowly I realized I had a voice.

I wanted to say something important.  Actually that isn’t completely correct.  I wanted my blog to be more than just me I wanted this place to be a place of love, compassion, of trying and trying harder.

My blog may not fit a mold and it will never be a source of income.  My blog is me… a reflection of my beliefs, my community and it is my support system.  BUT this blog is also you and your support system.  So I guess the purpose of this post is to say…




  1. We’re here because, regardless of the grammar or punctuation, you’re obviously passionate about what you’re doing with the blog. There’s a rule that trumps all others when it comes to blogging: Be passionate about what you write about, the rest will come. Your blog is a sort of digital Field of Dreams. Write it and we will come.

    And OMG! I’ve been out of touch for a bit. That kiddo has GROWN. What have you been feeding her? Miracle Grow?

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  2. Wow, what a wonderful piece, you have a great knock for involving one in your writing, not many have this special ability, so don’t worry about grammar, punctuation and all this stuff, just keep on sharing, and feel the smiles of warmth coming out of your community. Have a great Easter, best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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  3. AW!! First of all, that PICTURE!!! Just breathtaking in every way…

    Secondly, I love your blog and I’m just SO grateful we have connected. Your posts are FULL of beautiful wisdom, nurturing compassion and deep insight- all of which is just so important and worthy of publishing.

    Keep up the GREAT work, my friend. And God bless your heart… always in the right place.

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