Sometimes there is silence

No voices

No motivation

No desire or drive

Sometimes there is loneliness

No comfort

No connectedness

No shared emotions

Sometimes there is despair

No inspiration

No love

No passion

But today…

There is balance

And these days

Make those days

Worth getting through


19 thoughts on “BALANCE

  1. I get the poem. It sounds like bipolar disorder.

    But I didn’t know married people had such problems. Personally, the reason I get lonely is because I am literally, physically separated from every other human being. If your husband can’t keep you warm when you feel cold, what good is he?

    But the picture still seems irrelevant. At least it’s not sexy, though. You look like a librarian in this one.


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  3. I love the optimism of this piece, and how accepting the narrator is of the less positive parts of herself, because they are honest, and almost help to enable the positive. And I like this photo of you.


  4. Love the message in this. So many times people remember the bad days without recognizing the good days, and realizing that life would be a whole lot worse if those good days weren’t around.


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