Good morning beautiful

I say to her

I love your outfit

I compliment her

Let’s fix your hair

I love to help her

It’s always the same

I tell her how pretty she is

How proud I am of her

It’s always the same

She tells me I am pretty

And that she loves me too

Then she puts on a jacket

She hides in it

She puts it on and….

It doesn’t come off

It worries me

It scares me

She is just like me

Self-conscious of…

Of everything

I don’t know what to do

I am lost

How can I help her?

If I can’t help me?

~hastywords 04/2014


19 thoughts on “INHERITED SELF-IMAGE

  1. You have expressed so beautifully a very common anxiety Mum’s have. My daugther is 23 and for some reason I don’t take credit for what has gone right for her, but I’m quick to blame myself about what’s gone wrong. Working on that!

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  2. My favorite expression: If you didn’t spend so much time worrying about what other people think of you, you would realize how seldom they do.
    You aren’t being judged all the time… well, maybe for your thoughts and attitudes, but not for your looks or fashion sense. People who are doing that do not deserve your worry, if that is all they have to worry about. A woman’s worth is not tied to her looks.


  3. In many ways i am relieved that I did not have two girls – in this way, the insanity ends with me. i know that the mirror lies and i know that i should not give a care to what others think – i know all of this stuff, but i cannot break through it. people say this and people say that – but then they do the exact opposite, so what is the point exactly – of breaking through it?


  4. You are both so beautiful – and even if you cannot always see it in the mirror, it is obvious you know just how to teach her to see it in herself. And that is so special. ❤ xo


  5. Mother like Daughter or daughter like mother?

    My thoughts, how? Would be to let go! Don’t choose giver her the cash, let go, where she pleases, doesn’t help smothering her…


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