You are my favorite fiction

The perfect romantic soul

Waltzing me through each day

Carrying me on passionate song

I visit you all too often

Under the sun

And again under the moon

I visit your whispers in my head

The words you lovingly say

You live only for me

You live because of me

But you aren’t real

You never were

And this world isn’t magical

I can’t lift words off a page

They can’t dance in front of me

These images are best left

Behind heavy eyelids drawn

So when I open my eyes

And try to live my days

I am not blinded

By the perfect fiction of you


4 thoughts on “LIVING IN FICTION

  1. i so love your writing hasty, nonetheless images such as these are always hidden. i believe it is time the world learns the truth!



  2. Sounds like a beautiful fantasy, and yes – I’ve felt that loss before, when reality seems bereft of the magic which you can find in your own (or someone else’s) imagination.


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