Today I turn 45.

I am not ashamed of getting older.  I am not afraid of it either.  I am proud to have survived this long. It’s not easy to breathe sometimes.  But… here I am breathing.

Life is an obstacle course always trying to claim your life as the prize.  Few actually survive into, what I would consider, a comfortable “old” age.  The age where ideally we can look back at the story of our life and say we made a tangible difference.  A difference that can be seen in the people we influenced.  A positive difference that made the world a better place.

I have made some bad choices.  Bad choices I knew weren’t such great decisions but I chose them anyway.  Make enough of those and you start to realize how hard you make your own life.  Many things may be out of your control but your actions aren’t one of them.

Some of my bad choices have lead to some of my greatest decisions.

This year will be the single biggest year of change in my entire life.  I will draw on my experiences to get me through.

To date I have always raced to get to each predestined spot.  I plotted a future and achieved many of my goals.  NOW?  So much has changed.  More than ever before things are happening that are out of my control.  I don’t know what my exact next move is but I have a few really great ideas.  They include some extremely valuable and quality people.

Starting now, I will pave a better road using more patience. I will take my time.  I will enjoy the scenery.  I have discovered life isn’t a race it should be a leisurely stroll.  And I will walk with and enjoy some of the best friends and family a girl can have.



When I look back

Take a small peek

I see many things

Like the weather

I see sunny days

And rainy ones

I see sunrises

Being constructed

And sunsets

Full of destruction

I see rays of light

Peeking through

The darkest nights

Storms come

But they always go

Just as people

Visit then leave

But the one thing

Defining my past

Are the hands

On all sides of me

Sometimes unkind

But mostly clapping

Cheering me on

Keeping me going

And now

Thanks to them

I am here

Looking back


19 thoughts on “MY OLD POEM

  1. Happy Birthday my wonderful friend, and may you have at least as many more as you’ve had already. I love your outlook and that it’s never too late to start over, take the best learning from those choices, cherish the good, and begin again.

    I hope this year proves wonderful for you in a myriad of unexpected ways 💖💖💖


  2. Your poetry, like your heart, is full of beauty and insightfulness. It makes me happy to see you are making a conscious decision to slow down and live in the moment. You have so many left to experience, as well as to offer. My warmest birthday wishes for you. Celebrate yourself today — and every day 😉

    Cheers to you!


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