I love sharing your voices here at HASTYWORDS.

Whether in poetic form or as a submission to one of my series it is something I feel great pride doing.  I would really like to honor those who have been contributing to my site by keeping the space here for you.  I want you to feel proud to share your story and I want you to feel like it is important to me.

Therefore, I will be writing my poetry and stories exclusively at FEARINGCRAZY in order to keep this space for the real everyday feelings and battles we are facing together.

Please keep sending me your stories and poetry.  Whether they fit a submission guideline or not I want to give you just one more place to share that important voice of yours.






8 thoughts on “GIVE ME YOU

  1. Than you, Hasty. I know that, but for your invitation I might not have got around to writing, let alone publishing, my “Three Connections” story and been off and running in the blog world. You are generous with both your page space and your heart.


  2. You’re amazing and your serieses are making SUCH a difference, to those who write and those who read. Truly an achievement to be proud of xoxox


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