I don’t write much anymore.  I haven’t needed to. I started my blog years ago as a way of releasing the voices in my head that had grown so loud I couldn’t trust reality anymore.  These voices played havoc on my relationships and nearly cost me my life.  At the time I had a friendship…


I close my eyes And I can see Landscapes That collide Then break free Just to bounce Again together Over and over Happy to feel The collision Each time more Anticipated Each time more Satisfying Each time more All there is


One day they just left A few words were thrown Landing across faces Crashing through windows Plummeting to the floor And scattering like beads Stepped on and kicked Before settling silent To be swept out the door And they followed Not bothering to close The door behind them


If the ghosts hadn’t fallen Before we’d met Would they have taken us Further from ourselves? Had they not been slain Would we find ourselves Crushed and broken Beneath invisible claims? Would we have found The truth of who we are Had we not sliced them Gut to throat with honesty And accountability? I think…


I’ve written A thousand Beautiful words Played inside Wordy poems Teasing Hundreds Of lines Of prose From my soul Crying out A thousand Verses worth Of joyful tears Only to be Left erasing Every letter Ever written Because No matter How I line Them up Or how each Character Is arranged No matter The rhythm…