Little did I know I would ever have the nerve to self-publish.  I started writing for therapy and had such a release in building and creating this blog, meeting new people, and finding people interested in sharing my journey that I can’t imagine ever giving it up.  My girlfriend, Sarah Bale who is an incredible writer, took me to the 2013 DFW Writers’ Conference where I became encouraged to self-publish some of my own writing.  These books are the first of several to come.  I have turned my pain into art and I am hoping to turn my joy into art as well.

I want to paint the world with words.

41wDrLE2WNL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Darker Side of Night is available at Amazon

Modern day poetry from the shadowy corners of an overactive imagination. Whether we embrace the night or we fear it, one thing is for certain: almost anything can be hiding in the dark. Take a peek at what is hiding in wait.


31mwbDOq2EL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Depression’s Dance is available at amazon.

Depression has a way of sneaking into your life and before you know it you are caught in a dance you can’t cut away from. This is about my dance with depression complete with the moments of desperation as well as the moments of hope.

Thank you to all my friends and family for your love and support and for letting me hound you for reviews…

Reviews from Amazon, Goodreads, & WordPress:


Hoplessly Addictive   –   By Amazon Customer on January 30, 2014

The latest book from Hastywords is addictive to say the least. Once you pick it up it is impossible to put down and at times I felt like a voyeur peering into a tortured soul.
The book reads like a personal journal with each entry chronicling a step in the authors own dance with depression. Dark at times yet the reader is left a sense of hope that dance will end on a pleasant note.

Depressions Dance is a must read for anyone, especially those who have taken this dance themselves.


Personal & Honest  –  By Bure10Fan on January 29, 2014

HastyWord’s work has matured nicely. Depression’s Dance is a very personal account of her dealing with issues in a unique format.


Powerful, compelling, frustrating, enlightening –  By H. Kurz on January 18, 2014 – Depression’s Dance

Have you ever had a friend whose troubles sometime made you incredibly protective, and sometimes made you furious? Have you ever wanted to hug someone one minute, and then shakes them in frustration the next? Ever wanted to cry one minute, and then scream the next? Have you ever thought depression was explainable as weakness of character, and not a real disease “thing?”

I invite you, no, implore you, to experience depression through the eyes of my dear friend Hasty. I ask you to look in her eyes, see her sadness, and read her words, and her confusion, and her darkness, and I dare you to think that turning on a light will fix it. These are the words, the thoughts, and the feelings, defeated though they may be at times, and triumphant as they very much are at others, of someone living that disease, even while going to work every day, raising a precious daughter, being a spouse.

You will see that weakness has no place here, and only the strong survive. We are so blessed that Hasty had that power.


Not a depressing read! Very enlightening view of depression!  –  By D. H. on January 18, 2014 – Depression’s Dance

Interesting prospective from the ‘voice of depression’ and the ‘voice of Hasty’ as the unwilling victim of depression. I recommend it to everyone. You will be glad you read this one!


 A Review of Darker Side of Night by Hastywords – By TooFullToWrite on January 3, 2014

This is an electric debut by the prolific poet Hastywords.

It is an impressive collection of prose around the themes of monsters/demons that we face in our lives and how we deal with these emotional issues.

There are a variety of flows amongst these pieces, all of them stunningly arranged and orchestrated to perfection. All of them are a pleasure to read and contain a lot of heart and courage, which is fundamentally what draws people into her world and keeps them fascinated, enthralled and hungry to read more.

It is a very consistent collection and I for one am looking forward to reading her next anthology – this is essential for any fan of quality poetry.


Magician of Words – By Sarah S on November 20, 2013 – Darker Side Of Night

This book was so very moving. The emotion that Hasty Words puts into her writing is mind blowing. Each poem leaves you feeling something – which is what a poem should so. The photos just add to it! My favorite poem was The Magician – I think we can all relate to it.

Makes a great gift to the poetry lover in your life!


L.O.V.E.D IT!! – By Anthony Ortolano on October 30, 2013 – Darker Side Of Night

I found this extremely raw and emotional and at times even haunting. The writer has no shame or hesitation in sharing her vulnerability with the reader. It’s endearing and inspiring. Loved it all. A must read!


Be ready to say “Wow” – By H. Kurz on October 17, 2013

Rare is the writer whose ability to capture in words the rawest, and rawness, of emotions to the point where I am sometimes found shifting uncomfortably in my seat, or wanting to climb through the screen and offer a hug, or want to slap the writer for being so dark as to be frightening, but Hastywords evokes those kinds of feelings and sensations with her ability to capture and share, unabashedly, the stew of emotions and thoughts and feelings and fears and joys that she refuses to keep inside any longer.

Darker Side of Night is poetry about the awakening of one woman, and through the darkness, the prevailing triumph delights.


Shruti Fatehpuria – February 07, 2014 – Depression’s Dance

Ever wondered how prose and verse feels together? Here’s the right way to find out. It’s a book that touches the “soul” of depression.. Depression has a voice, it is shrewd, it manipulates, it makes you believe, it shrinks your love and your smile and Hasty explains all these lies.. albeit in both prose and verse..

Some of the verse are so beautiful that you just have to pause the book, grasp them, re-read them, feel them and you will grow strong. It shows the deceptive layers of depression, the endless struggles we’ve to put and the majestic journey that words can weave.. all in all-WONDERFUL for every one who loves poetry and is coping with the gray soul sucking demon- depression!!

Sage Doyle – February 2014 – Depression’s Dance
Depression’s Dance by HastyWords is a compilation of poetry and narrative that documents the course of depression, conveyed from the perspective of Hasty’s personal experience. Depression is personified as a seductive force attempting to charm Hasty into continuing the dance, which could ultimately destroy her. The book describes the journey of struggles, torment, regrets, frustration, and hope that she has known while suffering from depression.

Hasty states in the prologue, ”It isn’t an emotion; it isn’t a state of mind; it is a disease. My advice, if you think you might be depressed: find someone to talk to and acknowledge it before it tries to kill you.” This is extremely important to recognize that depression is in fact a disease. Those who suffer from it too often blame themselves or become so discouraged that they cannot fight and heal. By personifying depression and using the metaphor of the dance, Hasty emphasizes that depression manipulates the mind and emotions, and imprisons the spirit in a seemingly endless cycle, until a person no longer has the strength to continue the dance. Personification is a psychologically effective technique which can help to separate depression as its own entity from the person who is suffering. Through this separation, the person no longer identifies his/herself with the disease, and is able to distinguish it as something to confront and conquer.

In Depression’s Dance, depression is also given a voice, “I have convinced you to believe you are broken beyond repair.” It speaks throughout the book as an enchanter, luring Hasty to walk away from those she loves, from her desires and things that make her happy, and essentially her life. Hasty skilfully creates the voice as if it is spoken just under the surface of the conscious, sensed, but unheard. It implants negative perceptions and sabotages the ability to dispel them. While depression is an underlying influence which aims to destroy her, Hasty’s own voice is shared through her poetry.

Hasty’s poetry reveals how she is affected by depression. She acutely expresses her thoughts and emotions, and exposes the impact the disease has on her life. “A Little Friendly Advice” shows what she is honestly thinking during conversations with concerned friends. “Breathing Contradiction” is an amazing poem, profound in its simplicity. It is an incredibly valid portrait of the inner world of someone who suffers from depression. “A Dressed Up Heart” regards her sadness even as a child.

Depression’s Dance focuses on an intense struggle with depression, and evokes a powerful sense of hope throughout, with the message that the disease can be overcome. I would highly recommend Depression’s Dance by HastyWords to anyone who has suffered or is currently suffering from depression, anyone who knows someone who has or has had depression, or anyone who just enjoys reading beautiful and touching poetry.

Arthur Browne – February 11, 2014 – Depression’s Dance

I am so honored to do this review for my good friend Hastywords.

She wrote a book called Depression’s Dance. She asked me to review it. I read it… and now I do not even know where to begin.

I like to think that I am good with words. I write all kinds of stuff. I also like to think that I can even reach inside myself and pull real emotions out, and then use words to make you feel what I feel. I even, rather pompously, named my blog ‘pouringmyartout’ because I thought that was what I was doing, at least occasionally.

But I now know what pouring your soul out really looks and feels like.

Because that is what she did.

She reached inside herself, through the doubt and pain and sadness, and she dipped her pen into her very soul and then put that soul on paper to share with us.

I write because it makes me feel important.

She writes because what she has to say is important.

She shares the most intimate parts of her life, not for the glamour of being noticed, but because, despite the pain that reopening these wounds might cause, she can help other people who are battling depression. This is a truly selfless act. I hope that she finds some release, some lessening of the pain by sharing her burden, but I know she isn’t doing it for herself.

There is a darkness to her words… because depression is an evil and malevolent foe. But she battles that dark dragon with fire and wit and charm and passion and love and caring and tenderness.

She writes poetry that you will feel vibrating in your very core, even if you are not troubled by depression yourself. And if you are fighting this demon, she will lift you up, she will share your pain, she will accompany you on your journey. She will fight by your side.

No, the poems aren’t all rainbows and sunshine. If you want to read poems about that, the world is full of such fluff… I know, because I write some of it. This isn’t about happy endings and false hope. Because depression never gives up. They say that alcoholics are never cured. They just fight the battle for the rest of their lives and try to regain the victory each and every day. Depression is much worse, because it can use alcoholism or substance abuse as its allies. It can attack your sense of self-worth, your motivation, your very view of yourself. It turns the mirror back on you, but it plays with your perception of yourself when you look into your own eyes. Depression is an evil bitch with a horde of willing servants to give it aid.

Now don’t get me wrong. The book isn’t all heartache and darkness. She is fighting the battle and gaining ground. Depression might never be destroyed, but she pushes it back into the dark corners where it belongs. Not all the time, not every time. But she finds the light and the love and the moments that bring joy. They say great novels about heroes can only be as great as the villain they are striving against. She is fighting the greatest devil of them all and never wavering, never giving up, never backing down.

And like all great stories, she has her loyal companions on the quest for victory over the dark oppressor. As Frodo had his Sam and Merry and Pippin, Hasty has her lovely daughter and steadfast husband. You will see pictures of them. And the book isn’t all poetry. There are uplifting quotes and stories of life that are moving. This is an epic journey through a life tinged with sadness, and yet so moving, so powerful, that you will find yourself cheering through the tears.

And I love the pictures! I have gotten to know Hasty fairly well. I consider her a friend. I did a whole series of posts a long time ago called ‘Steal your face’. (I stole that title from the name of a Grateful Dead album). I went around gathering pictures of my favorite bloggers… with their permission… and did funny stuff to them in Photoshop. Hasty did one of me in retaliation. This led to a series of posts I did called: ‘The Hastwords War.’ You should do a search and look at them. I got very use to looking at her face as I worked on a bunch of pictures of her in Photoshop. And I will tell you that Hasty has eyes you could fall into. They are stunning, captivating, glorious windows into a wise and sweet and caring soul. I admit I came to love her just a little… for the words she wrote on her blog… you know… in a not too creepy way… (Hasty, if your husband reads this, all I can say is, I’m sorry about this, but it’s true)… How a woman who looks like that can have issues about self-esteem is one of the great mysteries of life and shows how insidious depression really is. It can mess with anybody’s mind.

The ‘Hastywords War’ led to an offshoot series of posts I did about her daughter where I took pictures of that adorable child and did some funny pictures of her too. That series was called: ‘Hey, Hastykid’, and might be fun for you to look at also. I even did some pictures of her husband, and I enjoyed that too. I am not trying to make this about me. I just think it might be a good way to get to know this lovely family in a… slightly different way. And when you look at the pictures of them together, looking so happy and carefree, you would never in a million years think that the woman in those pictures was beset by terrible doubts and mournful sorrow.

I try to keep this blog family-friendly, but I want to say one thing: Fuck Depression!

I hope that one day Hasty pushes depression so far into the shadows that it never rears its ugly, festering, slimy head in her life again. But until that happens, I will support her, and be her friend, and read her words, and cheer her victories, and scream vile names at that evil-demon-bitch-goddess known as depression.

Hasty, may your dance with that beast be a short one, and end with you dancing on her obnoxious face… in some really sexy high heels.


Kimberly at Words4jp

Quite simply a choreographer is someone who combines movement to create dance.  A good choreographer has the ability to combine movement and music to create a special moment.  A ‘brilliant’ choreographer can propel that moment much further and transport the audience into another place that is real and inspired.  Depression’s Dance is one such piece.

 Depression in and of itself is a choreographer.  It dictates the composition; tells the mind – the dancer – how to feel, what to do.  HastyWords has an intimate knowledge of this dance and has created her own composition, which propels the reader into the heart and soul of its choreographer.   Her writing is without pretense – full of heart and emotion.  She displays courage and a spirit which inspires the reader to embrace her journey.

As a ‘dancer and choreographer’, I believe this book is a valuable resource to anyone who maybe in need of words of inspired hope and understanding.  As a reader, I highly recommend Depression’s Dance.  It is a lovely composition of feelings, words and photographs written by a very talented poetess – HastyWords.


A Shade Of Pen –

This is just my second book review and once again, I am friends with the author. it feels a tad bit special to review a book where you know the author.. Whom am I kidding?? It feels freaking awesome and especially so, when the book is magic. Without much ado, here’s my review of Depression’s Dance by Hasty Words

To be very honest, I don’t really know what depression is. Sure, I can tell you a few things here and there.. The literal definition of the term and may be a few odd symptoms, but the real gray depths of depression- the kind where the heart splits and reality looks to be another illusion remains largely unknown… Thankfully, after reading Depression’s Dance, I know how vile depression is. You can see this monster.. Hear him talk.. See him manipulate.. Hear his ploys.. See his vile moves and hear the hollow laugh that sucks the last happy drop inside you…

Hasty Words has made a talented use of an amalgamation of prose and verse.. She has shed light on the voice of depression and you would remain speechless at the way the words dance..

If you love poetry, if you can read between the lines, if you can allow the words to suck you inside, you’re going to love every part of the book.

The book takes you through the moods of depression, the ups and downs and in subtle tones, it shows just the right way in which you could beat depression..

What I learnt from this awesome “poetry meets verse” book is that happiness isn’t just another feeling.. Its a decision.. If you’re stuck in the lanes of depression, only you can push your cart…

I would definitely recommend this book and it has helped me witness some shades that I haven’t been really close with..  it’s not easy fighting back but we would never know, if we never tried.. Some can see their own stories, some will feel the pain.. Some will be scared and in the end, you will smile because words never felt so right before!!

Just so you already know.. I am friends with the author, but this is by no means a sponsored post.. The review is a direct expression of what I felt as I kept turning the pages through and through..

 My review for the same on Goodreads

“Ever wondered how prose and verse feels together? Here’s the right way to find out. It’s a book that touches the “soul” of depression.. Depression has a voice, it is shrewd, it manipulates, it makes you believe, it shrinks your love and your smile and Hasty explains all these lies.. albeit in both prose and verse..

Some of the verse are so beautiful that you just have to pause the book, grasp them, re-read them, feel them and you will grow strong. It shows the deceptive layers of depression, the endless struggles we’ve to put and the majestic journey that words can weave.. all in all-WONDERFUL for every one who loves poetry and is coping with the gray soul sucking demon- depression!!”
Top Picks
Frankly, there are too many good lines.. too many wonderful poems.. a lot of magical words.. I might end up typing half the book here.. So, I will just add a few I stored in my email while reading
I let regret alone because she can be so full of misery
There is a bookshelf full of books filled with stories”
“Those I let close enough to see all of me
Those I warned but still wanted to know me
That is when it became simply let them see me”
“Is it true
That now this prison
Has become my shelter too”

14 thoughts on “PUBLISHED

  1. ~~~ My words for The Beautiful You and your Wonderful Poems~~~

    If there is one word that could do justice to Angela’s poetry, it has
    to be “magic”. I fell head on heels for her poems ever since I first
    stumbled upon them on WordPress. She is the one who inspired me to
    take my poetry flare to the next level. Her poems portray a world of
    their own and they make you ponder. The vivid imagination that she
    has; paints a picture that stays forever etched in the contours of my
    Be sure to ride a journey you will never forget when you go through
    her magical words. It has been an absolute delight to come across such
    a beautiful soul who weaves magic with words.

    Shruti F @ AShadeOfPen.

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