Hi my name is Hasty and I would love if you would write for me!



When I began blogging I had no idea it would lead to so many collaborations or submissions.  It started with a blogger named Hotspur  and 100’s of poetic duets which evolved into sharing stories about topics I was interested in.

LOVE sharing people’s poetry and stories.  Their points of view and differing perspectives, color our world with vibrant pictures.

I don’t censor stories or comments because I really do champion free speech.  I believe hate speech happens but I also believe there are enough positive voices to drown that hate out and correct it in public view.  While I prefer positive feel good stories I also share the raw and painful nitty-gritty stories because above all… I want REAL.  If you are disrespectful here you will have plenty of people correcting you.  My advice would be to love one another here, support and lift each other up.  Use your voice for good.


My purpose for sharing different voices is to help build a community of friendships.  To help people find places online where they feel like they belong.  I have seen so many friendships form from just a simple blog share.  That makes me happy.

I am looking for submission on the following themes.  If you are interested I would love to showcase you here.  I don’t get paid so you won’t get paid…but you will get some love and perhaps some new followers.  I share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Tmblr, and blogspot.  I will occasionally re-share later on as well.


BULLYING – tell me a story about you or someone you know overcoming a bully.  Do you have any creative advice?  Example:

COMPASSION – tell me a story about compassion…  Example:

#BeReal – tell me a story about who you really are.  What do you think people see when they see your image?  What would surprise people to learn about you? (must be able to post your real or pen name and a picture of you) Example:

CURRENTLY ACCEPTING: (start sending in submissions)

#BeReal – RELATIONSHIPS– Some relationships are great, some are toxic, and some are just a struggle.  Have something to share about your relationship?  How do you make it work?  How did it fall apart? How did/do you survive?  This category is NOT limited to marriage.  It can be about the relationship you have with your children, your parents, your in-laws your boss.  Good and bad relationships are hard.

CYBERMONSTERS – Social media etiquette – help me educate others about the dangers of social media by telling me a story you think would shock others.  Looking for any and all information that could help parents teach their children how to navigate social media and what kinds of things parents should watch out for.  Doesn’t have to be kid related.  The purpose of this theme will be to inform and educate.


When you submit you are giving me the rights I need to post and share your story.  I will not sell your story for monetary gain nor will I take credit for the story as my own.  Obviously, I am not an attorney I just love helping you share your story.  You may link to the post and even re-blog it on your own blog (it is YOUR story).

Please email the following with all submission:

Your story.

Your bio along with all links you want to share.

Your picture or A picture to put with your bio.

Any pictures you want in your story in which you have permission to use.  I will pick out a header picture.

Email to   in the subject line be sure to put the theme title you are submitting for.


No word limits, no real rules.  Must be your own work and can be previously published on your own blog.  If you submitted elsewhere be sure to get their permission before submitting.  Thank you and I hope to see you in my inbox!