There is beauty inside the blur: Some days The world is blurry Looking as if it’s melting Its turquoise skies into grass While shades of molten glass Swirl like mist around trees And lonesome shadows Joust with the light of day The movement of life Forming abstract shapes And dancing like liquid clay But that’s…


I slept alone but I felt you The vivid image of you Smiling across my eyelids The beauty of your eyes The only thing haunting me   Dreaming of our time together Holding tight to make believe My imagination is all there is Of a romance I created Fiction at its best, a novel erotic…


I hope you understand that everyone has a story and that story is rarely conveyed by what someone looks like.  I am not a big fan of the People of Walmart posts.  I love to laugh I just don’t love laughing at people. If laughing at people is your thing, and sometimes it is hard…


She imagined the stars Were bright shiny hearts Blinking as they beat Having lived a good life Having been loved by And cherished by one Hearts that were once Empty lanterns waiting To be lit by someone Hearts that became stars To share with us The love that made them


Steps were heavy Growing heavier Taking more effort Making her slower A shaking began More of a tremor With each footfall Was a tidal wave Of fluid motion Her years kept her Clung to her bones And held her tight She was caught Underneath gravity Sink ing deeper Into the ground Becoming The ground