Daily Prompt: Kick It

by michelle w. on January 3, 2013

What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?

  Since it fits the daily prompt I am reposting my bucket list!   Well as you can see below number 11 is to someday sell the notes I write in a Cafe for a fortune.  I loved the Harry Potter world…it showed some of the greatest imagination since the Wizard of Oz.  But what I truly love and find inspirational is J.K. Rowling.  Sometimes reality delivers more than we ever dare to dream.  This year….DREAM BIG!

 photo (6)


Strange but True

Get interviewed for the news (sound smart and look descent)

Be at the right place at the right time to save someone’s life

Have an outfit I make win a contest

Fit into a REAL size 4

Speak in front of a group and receive a standing ovation

Sing karaoke and actually sound good (most unlikely)

See James Morrison in concert

Make a funny you tube video everyone shares on FB

Get enough time to see Gone with the Wind  I marked this off Dec 29 2012

Write a horror screenplay

All the notes I write sitting in a café will be published to make a fortune someday

Have coffee with Rupert Grint

Fly a kite with Steve Buscemi

Go on a family picnic in Napa Valley with John and Joan Cusack

Share a hot kiss with Katie Holmes to make my husband jealous

Drive a race car on a race track

Be cast in a movie where Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds fight over me

Oh The Places I will Go

Visit the Grand Canyon and go rafting

Take my daughter to Paris because she graduates Valedictorian

Walk nude on a nudist beach

Take my daughter to Disney World

Go parasailing

Visit the real Amityville Horror House

Stay in the Stanley Hotel

Visit the Monestaries in The Stone Forest

Visit the Skellig Michael Monestary in Ireland

Visit Glastonbury Abby

Vacation in Ithaca

Visit Bellingham Castle in Ireland

Take an Alaskan Cruise

Vacation in NYC

Win a million dollars in a Poker Tournament

Things to Learn

Learn a martial art

Learn how to speak French

I want to knit a scarf (I started one)

Learn to Salsa

Learn to cook authentic Thai food


Have Edward Hotspur roll his eyes at me in person

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